Foundation invests in Bend Venture Conference

BEND, Ore. - For the second year, The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) has provided a matching investment to the Bend Venture Conference (BVC), hosted by Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO).   

BVC investors pool their money into a limited liability (LLC) entity that invests in the winning launch stage company at the conference. As part of a challenge, OCF is providing an additional $20,000 amount to BVC investors based on the investors raising at least $100,000. Steve Westberg, LLC Manager, reported that this goal has now been achieved and the OCF dollars will be committed.

"We really appreciate The Oregon Community Foundation stepping up and supporting entrepreneurial activity here in Central Oregon," said Jim Coonan, EDCO Venture Catalyst Manager and lead organizer of the conference.   

Last year, The Oregon Community Foundation also provided an infrastructure building grant to Central Oregon's first technology accelerator, FoundersPad.

"The Oregon Community Foundation is pleased to partner with EDCO in support of entrepreneurial activities here in Central Oregon," commented Melissa Durham, OCF Director of Strategic Projects.  "The foundation understands the importance of entrepreneurship and the role it plays in generating job growth and wealth in Oregon communities."

"In BVC's 10-year history, there have been seven cash awards amounting to over $1 million dollars," added Coonan. "Moreover, the six BVC winners have gone on to raise over $42 million in follow-on capital and have generated 244 jobs."

BVC is the largest angel conference in the state and is known for its friendly, accessible atmosphere in a scenic setting.  On October 18th, the Bend Venture Conference will feature Concept Stage and Launch Stage finalists pitching their business ideas to a packed audience at the Tower Theatre in Bend.

To attend the conference, register online

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