Eberhard's Dairy set to pitch ice cream in Asia

Redmond co. manager joins Oregon's first dairy trade mission

REDMOND, Ore. - Eberhard's Dairy Products of Redmond is joining the Oregon Dairy Products Commission and Oregon Department of Agriculture in Oregon's first dairy-specific trade mission to explore the potential of Oregon dairy product exports to Asia.

Representatives of the two organizations and Oregon dairy processors are participating.  Eberhard's Dairy will be represented by Mark Eberhard, General Manager and co-owner, on the trip that begins Friday.  

The dairy products trade mission to Asia includes Seoul (South Korea), Hong Kong, Macau, and Tokyo (Japan).

At each location, the group will meet with the USDA Agricultural Trade Office  market experts and with US Dairy Export Council representatives. 

In addition, participants will present samples of their product for key market players to taste and provide feedback on potential market acceptance.  Eberhard's Dairy will be presenting samples of three top ice cream flavors from their Redmond facility.

Since 1951, Eberhard's Dairy has focused on the Central Oregon market.  As opportunities have emerged over the last decade, the company has grown to expand into the Pacific Northwest market. 

"While Central Oregon remains our core base for local customers, we service customers in Eastern and Northern Oregon, and throughout Washington," says Eberhard.    

Oregon's dairy products have tremendous growth opportunities in Asia., the company believes 

The mission is part of an ongoing statewide effort by the Commission and Dept. of Agriculture to assist Oregon dairy processors in creating sustainable dairy exports.

Japan and South Korea have a combined population of approximately 175 million people.  Hong Kong, although a much smaller market, is a strategic trading area providing a jumping-off point to other markets in the region.

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