Bend Parks HQ, Lava Ridge get solar-power projects

PORTLAND, Ore. - From solar panels atop a junior high school in the Yakima Valley to a wind project on the southern Oregon Coast, to a geothermal facility in Klamath Falls, 15 renewable energy projects -- two in Bend -- are closer to reality, thanks in part to funding from Pacific Power's Blue Sky renewable energy program.

Together, the 12 solar installations and one hydro, one geothermal and one wind project will receive up to $1.9 million in 2014. These projects will bring more than 2 megawatts of renewable energy capacity online.

This is the eighth year Blue Sky customers have funded projects, which since 2006 have helped more than 60 facilities produce power and demonstrate the viability of renewable energy in their communities. Blue Sky customers have invested more than $6 million in projects during that time.

"Our Blue Sky customers put their dollars to work in their communities," said Pat Reiten, president and CEO of Pacific Power. "Not only will these facilities supply renewable energy, but they are helping increase the visibility and adoption of renewable technology. We are proud to be part of this important effort along with our Blue Sky customers."

"The Blue Sky program which funds these projects, has one of the highest participation rates you'll find nationwide," said Karen Gilmore, vice president of customer service, Pacific Power. "One of the reasons the Blue Sky program is so popular is that customers choose to participate and then can see what they are getting. In addition to supporting the renewable energy industry, they are helping fund on-the-ground, working renewable projects in their own communities."

Projects receiving funding are:
City of Corvallis Waste Water Treatment Plant Solar Field
Corvallis, Ore., $400,000
Solar, capacity: 150 kilowatt

Oregon Institute of Technology
Klamath Falls, Ore., $250,000
Geothermal, capacity: 1.75 megawatt

Pendleton Army Air Support Facility and Armory (Oregon National Guard)
Pendleton, Ore., $250,000
Solar, capacity: 150 kilowatt

City of Astoria Bear Creek Hydro
Astoria., Ore., $169,000
Hydro, capacity: 30 kilowatt

St. Mary's School
Medford, Ore., $150,000
Solar, capacity: 40 kilowatt

Alameda Elementary School (Portland Public Schools)
Portland, Ore., $139,167
Solar, capacity: 55 kilowatt

West Valley Junior High School
Yakima, Wash., $91,586
Solar, capacity: 10 kilowatt

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Marine Life Center
Charleston, Ore., $86,661
Wind, capacity: 10 kilowatt

Lava Ridge Elementary School
Bend, Ore., $76,950
Solar, capacity: 39 kilowatt

Bend Parks & Recreation District Administration Office
Bend, Ore., $76,940
Solar, capacity: 39 kilowatt

Boise-Eliot Elementary School (Portland Public Schools)
Portland, Ore., $97,476
Solar, capacity: 50 kilowatt

Maggie Gibson Plaza
Portland, Ore., $48,450
Solar, capacity: 10 kilowatt

Hood River Valley High School
Hood River, Ore., $38,744
Solar, capacity: 20 kilowatt

Coyote Trails Nature Center
Medford, Ore., $32,451
Solar, capacity: 12 kilowatt

The Next Door, Inc.
Hood River, Ore., $17,555
Solar, capacity: 10 kilowatt

Most projects are on schedule to be completed in 2014. The upcoming application period for the 2014 round of Blue Sky community project awards will begin in April of this year and closes in June.

About Blue Sky
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has ranked Blue Sky fifth or better in the nation for the 10th consecutive year in the number of customers buying renewable power. The program is Green-e Energy certified, which means the renewable energy supported meets the rigorous national environmental and consumer-protection standards established by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. About 51,000 Pacific Power customers currently participate in the Blue Sky program across Oregon, Washington and California. For more information, visit

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