The Redmond Gymnastics Academy was broken into late Friday or early Saturday, and the burglars stole money and electronic items, among other things, the owners and police reported.

The culprits took computers, money from a vending machine, the monitor from their surveillance cameras and a few printers, as well as other items.

Redmond police said had no leads or suspects so far, and they found no signs of damage where the break-in or entry occurred at the facility on SE Veterans Way.

But officers said they found footprints, cigarette butts and a screwdriver when they arrived at the scene.

Co-owner Jamie Ellingsen said she wished the culprits would come forward and return the items, since their theft affects a lot of people.

"It's a struggle to stay in business for people right now," she said, "so to have these kinds of things happen just makes it even harder."

In the six years the facility has been open, Ellingsen said this is the first time anything like this has happened.