BrightSide taking in dogs from Wash. hoarding rescue

About 40 rescued; 8 coming to Redmond

REDMOND, Ore. - BrightSide Animal Center of Redmond said Saturday it is among several shelters in Oregon and Washington taking in about 40 dogs rescued this week from a hoarding situation in Stevens County, Washington.

BrightSide employees were traveling to Spokane Saturday to bring eight dogs back to Redmond late Sunday, shelter officials said.

After they have had medical exams and any medical treatment that may be necessary, the dogs will be spayed or neutered and then made available for adoption.

All or most of the rescued dogs are Labrador Retrievers. BrightSide will receive a mother and her two puppies, three young adults, and two senior dogs.

Jamie McAtee, from Rescue4All, a Spokane-area nonprofit that rescues and fosters animals, described the conditions the dogs were living in as deplorable.

"We are glad to be able to help out in this situation and will work to find new secure, loving homes for these dogs," said BrightSide Shelter Manager Pat Bowling.

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