Boy arrested after throwing snowball at cop

13-year-old being charged with a felony following incident

POSTED: 1:41 PM PST February 21, 2014    UPDATED: 10:08 AM PST February 22, 2014 
Police patrol car

A 13-year-old boy is being charged with a felony after he allegedly hit a Chicago police offer with a snowball.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the incident happened close to the school the boy attends. The officer reported that the boy threw a snowball and hit him in the arm while he sat in a marked squad car. The eight-grader claims he wasn't the one who threw the snowball and that it didn't hit the officer directly. Regardless, he was arrested and charged with battery to a police officer, which is a felony.

In addition to the charges, the school has suspended the boy for five days, his mother said. Police confirmed it was the suspect's first arrest.