Bend's Circus Center holds open house

Clowning around with 'The Spinsterz'

Bend Circus Center invites newcomers

BEND, Ore. - Some Central Oregonians spent part of Sunday, upside down.

The Spinsterz -- also known as the Bend Circus Center -- hosted a breakfast and potluck at their center, located off Carmen Loop.

Kids and adults alike enjoyed watching aerialists, belly dancers and more perform.

And many even got to try out some of their own circus tricks -- including spinning around upside down, hanging off long silk ropes.

Aerialist instructor Kendall Knowles said the event allowed the center to show off its facility and staff. He said they hoped to generate interest among the public about getting involved with circus activities.

Knowles said its a fun way to get in a great workout.

"It's great for people of all ages," Knowles said.  "I mean, kids love it because kids love being upside down, and their good at everything, they have no fear when they're kids, it's also for adults, it's a great workout."

You can learn more at their Website.

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