BEND, Ore. -

At Bend-La Pine Schools, we maximize achievement by encouraging students of all ages to find the learning environment that best suits their interests. By customizing each student’s curriculum to match his or her particular strengths, Bend-La Pine Schools students build a strong foundation for higher education and future careers.

This spring, parents of students in grades K-8 will have the chance to learn more about the district’s school choice programs during informational meetings and school tours.

Amity Creek at Thompson School – Child Initiated Learning Magnet
Parent Information Sessions
March 4, 6:00-7:00pm
March 5, 2:30-3:30pm

Bear Creek Elementary School – Dual Immersion Language Program
Parent Information Sessions
March 3, 6:00pm
March 17. 6:00pm

Bend-La Pine Schools Online Plus - Online learning for students in grades K-12
Please call 541.355.1000 to schedule a meeting to learn more

Buckingham Elementary School – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program
Please call 541.355.2600 to schedule a school tour

Elk Meadow Elementary School – Integrated Arts Program
Please call 541.355.1500 to schedule a school tour

Highland at Kenwood School – Scottish Storyline Method Magnet
Parent Information Sessions
February 6, 6:00pm
February 26, 3:00pm

Juniper Elementary School - Instructional Technology Magnet
Due to capacity issues, Juniper’s Technology Magnet admissions have been suspended for the 2014-15 school year.

Westside Village at Kingston School (K-8) - Thematic, Project Based Learning Magnet
Parent Information Sessions
March 11, noon and 6:00pm
March 12, noon and 6:00pm

Enrollments in choice option programs are based on space availability and open to any resident of the district. Due to capacity issues, enrollment at Amity Creek at Thompson School’s child initiated learning magnet program, Bear Creek Elementary School’s Dual Immersion program, Highland at Kenwood School’s storyline magnet program, and Westside Village at Kingston School’s project based learning magnet program, are selected through a lottery. Lottery applications for these schools
are due to the school of choice by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 21.

Enrollment in Bend-La Pine School’s Online Plus, Buckingham Elementary School’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics program, Elk Meadow Elementary School’s integrated arts program and Juniper Elementary School’s instructional technology magnet program are based on available space.


Amity Creek at Thompson School Magnet* (K-5) is organized around a child-initiated approach to
learning. Children construct their own knowledge and learning in a natural, ongoing social process. At
Amity Creek, children, parents, and staff are equally valued and respected. Everyone teaches and
everyone learns with the primary focus on individual needs and interests of each child. The program is
located in the Thompson School building, 437 NW Wall Street, Bend.
Bear Creek Dual Language Immersion Program* (K-4) Gives students the ability to achieve dual
language fluency and literacy in both Spanish and English. In a class balanced with equal numbers of
Spanish and English speakers, students learn their regular school subjects through both languages.
The program will be expanded to grades Kindergarten through 5th by Fall 2015. The Dual Language
Immersion Program is housed at Bear Creek Elementary School at 51 SE 13th Street, Bend.

Bend-La Pine Schools Online Plus (K-12) offers Kindergarten through 12th grade students access
to exciting, challenging, and enriching courses and supplemental learning experiences, anywhere,
anytime with customized curricular options that complement full- or part-time online learning and
home schooling coursework and meet students academic needs, interests, and passions. Students
have access to hundreds of free accredited online classes taught by the nations’ best source matter
experts. Extensive, individualized academic and counseling support that keep students on track and
flexibility to work at their own pace and schedule. Mastery-based learning options are also available
for accelerated learners. The program office is located in the Education Center, 520 NW Wall Street,

Buckingham Elementary School Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Program aims to develop engaged students who are creative and persistent problem solvers. STEM
curriculum integration challenges students with real-world applications and problems, creates
enthusiastic learners, and gives students confidence to be successful using math, language, and
technology to communicate. STEM expands the traditional brick and mortar classroom into the
outside world and gives students new and exciting learning opportunities. The STEM program is
housed at Buckingham Elementary, 62560 Hamby Road, Bend.

Elk Meadow Integrated Arts Focus Program (K-5) Educates the whole child by nourishing the
intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and artistic development of each student. In addition to
teaching our core academic subjects with high levels of fidelity, the school will explore places where
"the arts" can be infused into our subjects and studies. Using the visual arts, performing arts, and
multi-media, students will gain knowledge, skills, and techniques in all mediums. Teachers, in
addition to using their own artistic skills, will have the opportunity to work with local artists and local
venues to promote high levels of learning, student achievement, and creative expression. The
Integrated Arts Focus Program is housed at Elk Meadow Elementary School at 60880 Brookswood
Blvd, Bend.

Highland at Kenwood School Magnet* (K-5) focuses on the development of strong basic skills in
reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics. The school uses the Scottish Storyline Method to
integrate curriculum into a creative and meaningful storyline. Students create settings, become
characters, and solve curriculum-based problems. The Highland program is located in the Kenwood
School building, 701 NW Newport, Bend.

Juniper Elementary Technology Program* (K-5) has a technology focus that maximizes student
engagement and increases learning opportunities. Students and teachers use technology to allow
cooperative learning opportunities with experts, online collaborative projects, podcasting, and
blogging. The school’s goal is to use technology to engage students in student-centered, experiential,
collaborative learning, and real-world experience. The Juniper Technology Magnet is located at
Juniper Elementary School, 1300 NE Norton, Bend.
Westside Village at Kingston School Magnet* (K-8) uses a thematic curriculum approach. Literacy
through reading and writing is the primary instructional goal. Math and science instruction includes
exploration, inquiry, problem-solving, collecting, analyzing and displaying data, computation and
application. The program also provides an extensive list of unique learning opportunities to enhance
instruction, such as a hands-on science lab, Adventure Learning, and exploration of real-life topics.
The Westside Village Magnet program is located in the Kingston School building, 1101 NW 12th
Street, Bend.