Witnesses, grisly photos in Tumalo man's murder trial

Law enforcement officials take the stand

Witnesses take the stand in murder trial

BEND, Ore. - Disturbing images were displayed in a Deschutes County courtroom Thursday as the trial of a Tumalo man accused of killing his son continued.

Police said Jim Hargrave, 62, fatally shot his son Steven, 29, in the chest last December after an argument got out of control.

On Thursday, several witnesses, including a medical examiner, Deschutes County sheriff's deputy, a detective and an OSP forensic scientist took the stand. They described what they saw the night Steven died and in the days that followed during the investigation.

Prosecutors started the day by showing several pictures of Steven Hargrave's lifeless body to the jury. Many of the pictures showed the gunshot wound, blood and his body lying on the ground in the family's home.

The images were shocking and made his mother Pamela, who was in the crowd, turn and shield her eyes.

Dr. Cliff Nelson, deputy state medical examiner, said Steven died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

"(The picture) shows the upper part of Mr. Hargrave's body, particularly to show the location where the gunshot wound entered the body," Nelson said.

Jim Hargrave's attorneys don't deny he pulled the trigger, but they claim it was in self-defense, describing Steven as a raging alcoholic who made threats the night he was killed.

In opening arguments on Wednesday, DA Patrick Flaherty argued Hargrave wanted his son dead and showed no remorse the night he killed him.

Sheriff's Detective Brent Crosswhite showed several photos of weapons such as samurai swords, a machete, pistols and rifles found in the home.

He told the jury they're significant because they show Steven could have grabbed a weapon on the way to his father's room, but he did not.

"We were told that the father of the victim had admitted to the shooting," said Oregon State Police forensic scientist Devon Mast.

The jury also was shown the revolver prosecutors said Hargrave used to shoot his son. The Ruger 357 Magnum had five bullets left inside.

The trial is expected to continue for about four weeks.

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