Wild scene: SUV slams into SW Bend duplex

Police say it appears driver had medical problem

Car crashes into SW Bend home

BEND, Ore. - A quiet southwest Bend neighborhood quickly turned chaotic Wednesday evening when an SUV slammed into a duplex and police approached the driver with guns drawn, at first unsure just what had happened.

It all began around 6:30 p.m. at Blakely Road and Doanna Way -- a violent crash that drew onlookers, as well as police and fire crews.

Police said the driver, Brett Lee Davis, 33, of Bend, slammed his SUV into the duplex, and his foot stayed on the gas, its tires spinning wildly.

Witnesses calling 911 reported that the driver was combative with people trying to help him -- and because the tires were spinning, they weren't sure at first if he was trying to back out and get away. That's why they approached with guns out, just in case.

Davis was tested for DUII and passed, so police said it appeared he had a medical problem that caused the crash.

"All of the sudden, a big crash, and she says, 'Someone better call 911,'" said area resident Allan Mortensen. "So I run outside real quick-like, and it's just a big plume of dust and smoke, and you could hear the vehicle running quite rapidly."

"They finally got him out of the vehicle, and he made a pretty good entry into the building," Mortensen added.

Two people were at home, upstairs in the duplex on Doanna Way. They were unhurt, officers said, but because the stairs were damaged in the crash, they needed help getting out.

Because there were indications a medical problem was  factor in the crash, Davis has not been charged with any crime, said Sgt. Brian Beekman.

Volunteers with the American Red Cross stepped in to help the two displaced adult residents and two dogs with lodging, the organization reported.

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