Trinity Episcopal's Easter: New spot, same message

Arson fire can't snuff out Bend church's message of renewal

Trinity Episcopal's Easter: New spot, same message

BEND, Ore. - In the wee hours of March 6, fire tore through Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Bend, one of a string of fires police say were deliberately set in the area.

Congregation members gathered outside the next morning, sadly remembering the many memories they've made behind those doors.

With them that morning stood people who were not members of the church, but rather who just wanted to help.

Among those,  the congregation of St. Francis Catholic Church, which is where Trinity has been able to worship for the last three weeks. 

"It's been wonderful," Youth and Neighborhood Director Donna Jacobsen said Sunday. "Especially to know that we wouldn't be displacing any congregation for their Sunday services."

It was especially wonderful Sunday, when they could celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in a holy place, as a congregation. 

"It was amazing -- very, very uplifting," said Trinity Episcopal member Cindi Sands.

"It was beautiful. One of our young one's had his first communion," said Jacobsen. "It was just lovely to see such a great group."

The Rev. Roy Green touched on the fire in his sermon Sunday, and gave an inspiring message of hope and perseverance to the congregation. 

In this holy season of renewal, it seems almost ironic that Trinity Episcopal is facing a revival of its own.

"It certainly is a beautiful juxtaposition, you know, to have this whole resurrection, and to know that our church is being resurrected at the same time. That's pretty beautiful, when you think about it," Jacobsen said.

The church hopes to have one of its sanctuaries back open for worship in the next year. But they say it will be a while before the main the building can open its doors once again.

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