Spotted: Beer 'vending machine' in downtown Bend

It's a promotional deal - just need your photo ID

Bend beer 'vending machine'

BEND, Ore. - Spotted in downtown Bend on Tuesday: A beer vending machine!

All you have to do is insert your ID and an ice-cold beer comes out. The machine is a one-time thing, and only has 20 Swill beers in it.

The 10 Barrel team that put it together is at the end of a week-long launch tour through Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Bendites certainly appreciated the idea.

"I thought it was quite peculiar that I come up and there is a vending machine that says beer," said Elliott Harrod, who tried it out. "I think it's too good to be true. And it's not even asking for any money -- just my photo ID -- pop it in and out comes a beer."

Most people that tried it out were wondering about the legalities surrounding this idea.

10 Barrel is going to release the full promotional video later this week, when all will be revealed (in case you couldn't guess).

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