Searching for a job? Facebook is your 'friend'

Social media giant throws hat in job search ring

Facebook job seekers new 'friend'

BEND, Ore. - It's likely you already use it to connect with friends and family. Now, Facebook wants you to connect with future employers, using their new application.

Job-seekers we spoke with Wednesday welcomed the idea with open arms.

"I think the apps are the way to go -- it's kind of the future," said Jennifer Mason.

Facebook partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor, among others, to create the Social Jobs Partnership application, and it has already racked up 42,000 "likes."

But not everyone is so quick to give it a thumbs up. One user worried about privacy commented on the site, asking if he was the only one thinking this was a bad idea.

Twitter was abuzz Wednesday with talk about the social media giant taking over more professional site like Linkedin.

One person not surprised by Facebook's new addition is Kelly Karr.

"The way people are searching for jobs is different," she said.

Karr manages the Bend employment office for WorkSource Oregon. Earlier this month, the company launched its own mobile site.

"Employers are searching for candidates differently, and social media and the Internet is a real important aspect of that job search," said Karr.

Joe Overman has been on the hunt for a job for six months.

"A lot of what I use is Craigslist, and so may people look at that," Overman said.

Fed up with searching the same old sites, he's ready for something new.

"Technology has changed it a lot -- you have access to more," Overman said.

The app corrals jobs from familiar job search sites like You can comb through nearly 2 million jobs, based on where you live and what type of work you're looking for. There's even a button to check if you're an out of work veteran.

Facebook's new release is giving a whole new meaning to the saying "There's an app for that."

Comments have covered much of Facebook's new site, saying there's glitches with the new app. For now, the app only lists jobs in America which cuts out nearly 70 percent of users.

Here's a link to the app:

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