PPP volunteer 'Hollywood' a familiar face

Bend's Hawaiian shirt-wearing volunteer helping for 16 years

Veteran PPP volunteer: Call him 'Hollywood'

BEND, Ore. - Sunglasses -- Check.
Shorts -- Double check.
Hawaiian shirt and sandals -- Check, check.

This is "Hollywood."

"I'm always flashy, wearing shorts at the mountain even, so they started calling me Hollywood because I was always -- everywhere they looked, I was there," he said.

You don't have to look hard to find him, especially come U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle time.

At the packet pick-up or corralling the skis, he's everywhere, doing everything -- and has been for 16 years.

He says it's the people that really keep him coming back.

"People I haven't seen in a while that come back just to do the Pole Pedal Paddle, and they're gone five to six years -- and they see me and go, 'Oh you're still here!' And I say, 'Yep still here.' So yeah -- it's the people."

Out of the 500 volunteers, Hollywood's signature Hawaiian shirts and sunny disposition make him one of a kind

"When I wear a work shirt, people don't recognize me, they get worried." he said. "I have about 60 Hawaiian shirts."

After putting in hundreds of hours, he says come Saturday, the volunteers get the same race-day high as the competitors.

"Volunteering just gets you all primed and ready to go for Saturday, and you're just oooh, ready!"

If you're waiting until next year to race in your first PPP, or if you're returning as a veteran, one thing's for sure -- Hollywood will be there.

"You might have to push me in wheelchair, but I will be here -- I'm not going anywhere."

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