OSU-Cascades adopts most task force proposals

Some others referred for more work, under consideraton

Oregon State University - Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson announced Wednesday in a quarterly meeting of the Campus Expansion Advisory Committee, that 71 of 90 recommendations provided to date by community task forces will be incorporated into the planning, development and policies for OSU-Cascades' new Westside campus. 

The remaining 19 recommendations were either referred to another task force for additional investigation or are under consideration by OSU-Cascades.

The recommendations were put forth by the committee's neighborhood livability, transportation and sustainability task forces.

Johnson said, "I am truly impressed with the thoroughness of the recommendations and the effort that the task force members, many who are volunteer community members, have put towards researching and developing them."

"I want to thank them for investing their time and expertise into developing the best possible campus for Central Oregon," she said.

Nearly 90 community members, plus OSU-Cascades students, faculty and staff served on the task forces.

The neighborhood livability task force recommendations focused on issues that could affect quality of life in the surrounding communities, such as construction noise, nuisance parties and campus public safety. 

The transportation task force recommendations addressed traffic and parking issues including public transit, flex vehicle programs and monitoring of parking.  Recommendations from the sustainability task force included emphasis on Oregon wood products, energy monitoring and management, and a performance measurement system and action plan.

At the CEAC meeting, the health care and housing task forces presented their recommendations.  The branch campus will review these recommendations and provide a response at the next CEAC meeting in October.

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