NW Crossing developers finish trail crossing

BEND, Ore. - West Bend Property Company, the developer of NorthWest Crossing, announced Wednesday that the 24-foot-wide trail crossing project at Lemhi Pass Drive and Skyliners Road is complete and ready for bicyclists, runners and pedestrians.

The developer worked with the city of Bend on the plans to allow users to avoid street traffic and safely use area trails.

The trail crossing was constructed on-site by Taylor NW, rather than having pre-fabricated structural elements imported, creating jobs for local workers.

"The original plan for the project called for concrete panels to be shipped hundreds of miles," said Todd Taylor, owner of Taylor NW.

"West Bend Property Company decided to move forward with pouring the structure in place, which meant we purchased the materials for the project locally, provided 14 full-time positions for several months and spent more than $250,000 in our local marketplace. We are very pleased with the end result of the project and believe it reflects the care and attention the developer puts into all of its work."

West Bend Property Company worked with local metal artist Andy Wachs on the commissioned public art installation for both the east and west sides of the structure. Both sides feature a depiction of the NorthWest Crossing compass logo.

The trail crossing concept was created when plans were made to connect Lemhi Pass Drive with Skyliners Road as NorthWest Crossing continues to grow. The highly utilized trail that runs along the side of Skyliners Road will now run under Lemhi Pass Road without interruption.  Construction began on the project in July.

David Ford, general manager for NorthWest Crossing, said, ""It was important to us at West Bend Property Company to maintain a positive trail experience and with this trail crossing, I think we accomplished our goal."

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