Newport Ave. Market helping save their own

Bone marrow donor event to help ex-employee with leukemia

Local bone marrow donor drive

BEND, Ore. - Newport Avenue Market hosted a combined bone marrow donor drive and fundraising event Saturday to help save one of their own.

Former employee and Bend resident Jeff Grandmason was diagnosed with a blood disorder four years ago then developed Gillian-Barre syndrome.

Just recently, Grandmason was diagnosed with leukemia.

Newport Avenue Market employees are hoping one of Grandmason's family will be a match for bone marrow.

"But in case they 're not, we're trying to find anybody here in Bend that might be," said Deann Atkinson, office manger. "And if we can't find anybody, then maybe somebody might be a match for some other person in the world."

Those signing up to be a donor filled out some simple paperwork detailing medical history, then did a simple cheek swab.

The cost per person that registers is about $100 for the test.

If you would like to donate, you can online by going to

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