New Bend market is all about local products

Central Oregon Locavore expands to retail store

New Bend store focuses on local fare

BEND, Ore. - Buying local -- it's a way to support your neighbors and promote sustainable living. Here in Central Oregon, it just got a little easier.

Once just a popular local Web address, Central Oregon Locavore now has a Bend postal address. The online marketplace is now a year-round farmers market at 1216 NE Fiirst St.

"Last spring, we realized that there was a huge need for something like this," said Locavore President Nicolle Timm. "The customers who were ordering online basically begged us to get a store."

The business turned non-profit turned to an online fundraising program known as Kickstarter to make their customers wishes come true.

'We did end up succeeding, and got $10,000 to put into the store," said Timm. "So then we looked for about six months, and we finally found this space, knew it was the right one and moved forward."

The new farmers market offers a range of products from homemade soap to fresh produce -- something Fields Farm owner Jim Fields says is already helping his business.

"It gives us another outlet for what we grow," Fields said. "We don't want to travel over the mountains to a valley market to sell our product."

The marketplace is also an outlet for events and community support, thanks to its event space.

A St. Charles program has already taken advantage, with a "Mommy and Me" support group meeting there Thursdays from 1 to 3.

"We're just really thankful that we have this space and the moms are so happy here," said St. Charles Lactation Consultant, Rebecca McColl. "It's been a great help to many people in the community. Its not much more local than mom's milk."

Timm says her ultimate goal with the new space is to promote local farming and educate the community about local food, and sustainable living.

"More then anything you're supporting your neighbor," said Timm. "These are people we know and see everyday in the community. We're able to help them make a better living and create better products."

Timm says if you can't find what you want in the store, they will continue the online market at, with pickups at the farmers market every other Thursday from 4 to 6.

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