More hotel rooms opening in Bend area

Tetherow Lodges to open mid-April

More rooms to rent in Bend

BEND, Ore. - Doors are opening up at new hotels across Central Oregon, such as Wall Street Suites in Bend

"We started about a week before Christmas, and we had a great Christmas," Wall Street Suites co-owner Wendy Kelley said Wednesday.

"We bring this concept of enjoying the outdoors and coming home to your suites," Kelley said.

Two of the biggest projects in Central Oregon are the new Hampton Inn in the Old Mill District, and the new lodges at Tetherow.

"I think the part that's going to stand out initially is just the view," said Tetherow Lodges project manager Erin Van Der Velde.

The lodges are two separate buildings, with 50 rooms combined.

The golf course had always planned for this, but on-site lodging is required for resorts under state and Deschutes County land-use rules.

"If they're not going to build 50 units prior to the sale of real estate, which is required under state law and county code, then they need to provide a bond or another financial security that's acceptable to the county for the value of those units," said Deschutes County Community Development Director Nick Lelack.

It's a requirement to help the resorts and the community.

"They're very significant, of course, generators of jobs," Lelack said. "But also very important contributors to the local economy, local taxing basis and taxing districts, etc."

Tetherow plans to open its lodges by mid-April.

"We provide that proximity to town, but with a little bit of space and an upscale lodging idea," Van Der Velde said.

Along with the other new hotels, Tetherow, which also just opened a new restaurant, hopes for a busy summer season and beyond.

The Hampton Inn has not yet announced an opening date.

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