Long-lost La Pine dog found in Bend

Two months of searching leads to happy ending

Happy ending: lost dog found

BEND, Ore. - One-year-old pit bull mix Dino was adopted from the Humane Society of Central Oregon on New Year's Eve. That same day, he escaped from his new owner in La Pine.

"It was heartbreaking -- everybody just rushed down there to try to look for him," Humane Society of Central Oregon volunteer Nicole Amato said Monday.

Fellow volunteer Carolyn Gayley added, "We literally got into our cars and just drove down all these roads calling his name. It was pitch black outside. We did that for hours, and just nothing turned up for us."

Another volunteer, Donald Wood, said, 'It's just been a continual search for the last two months -- it really has, it's been non-stop."

There were many sightings of Dino, but his timid demeanor kept him from ever being caught.

Sunday was a big turn for the better.

For the last few weeks, Dino has been spotted near the First Street Rapids Park in Bend, 30 miles from where he went missing.

A post on the "Pets Lost in Bend Oregon" Facebook page finally brought him home.

"Dino was just sitting there with a whole bunch of people around him," Gayley said. "I just went up to him and called his name, and he just ran right up to me -- and the rest is history."

The volunteers say they believe someone has been feeding Dino, which is why he is in such good condition.

As for how he got from La Pine to Bend, they say Dino isn't talking.

"I'm so happy to have him back, and to know he's safe and he's going to have a good life," Amato said.

Dino is not the timid pup he once was; he is very friendly now.

He'll be back up for adoption, but not at the humane society.

If you have any interest in adopting Dino you can send an email to

Wood, Gayley and Amato said Dino is good with other dogs, and he needs lots of love, someone who is usually home -- and also has a fence.

The volunteers thank the members of the community who helped look for Dino.

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