LED lights a brighter idea this holiday season

Bend business stays busy with energy-saving lights

LED Christmas lights' glow growing

BEND, Ore. - Lights-R-Us in Bend specializes in installing holiday lights -- with not just any bulb.

"We started a business installing LED holiday lights seven years ago," owner Brennan Morrow said Wednesday.

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are this season's hot Christmas lights trend.

"This year, we were blindsided. We sold out in less than a week," Morrow said.

The professionals like Lights-R-Us say LEDs use between 50 and 90 percent less power. For example, you can save $1-$2 per strand of miniature lights over a holiday season. So if you put up 10 strands, you save at least $10 on your December electric bill.

"This year, we did some research and went with LED lights," said shopper Kathy Chism. "A 50-foot string of LED lights only uses 7.5 watts -- that's huge, and I don't think it will impact our electric bill."

But saving money later comes at a price now. Down the Christmas lights aisle at the store, you can find a box of regular, incandescent lights for $3.79. A box of LED lights is $24.99.

But the pros say LED lights last longer, and they pay for themselves.

"The savings to a residential place can be $100-$400 a year, so very quickly does the service pay for itself," Morrow said.

Instead of replacing the strand of lights from your garage every year, Morrow says the LEDs last a lot longer than classic bulbs.

"They have more hours that they are going to burn, and they're nearly indestructible. Most of them you can beat on the ground and nothing is going to happen," Morrow said.

But do they look as good? Some shoppers say no.

"A Christmas tree is supposed to sparkle and be bright, and I just find the LED lights to be very dull," said one Bend shopper.

Either way, the energy-saving bulbs have become so popular, some stores are dedicating an entire aisle to them.

"This year we have twice as many LED lights as we did last year," said Fred Meyer Assistant Manager Keanu Martinez.

Morrow says, oh what fun it is, making spirits bright this holiday season.

"I'm excited to be a part of that tradition and bring light to people's lives," he said.

There are several LED light installation services in Bend.

Lights-R-Us: 541-306-4141

Holiday Helpers: 541-678-2459

Fireside Lighting: 541-948-9484

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