HSCO: Half off adoption fee for older pets

BEND, Ore. - Maturity has its rewards, and at the Humane Society of Central Oregon that means all animals six years and older will have the bonus of half off the adoption fee through July 31. The benefits of adopting a mature pet includes a calmer animal that already has good family life manners.

"What you see, is what you get," explains Karen Burns, the shelter manager for the Humane Society of Central Oregon. "There is no guessing on size, personality or how much energy the animal will have as an adult." Mature animals have many years of love and companionship to share.  There is a wide variety of dogs and cats to choose from to fit any lifestyle.

Visit the Humane Society of Central Oregon and see who steals your heart. All animals include a full adoption care package.  For more information visit or visit the shelter at 61170 SE 27th Street in Bend.

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