Hovekamp campaign holds canvassing kickoff

He's running on three main issues

Hovekamp's campaign begins general election canvassing

BEND, Ore. - State Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend, faces a challenger this November in Democrat Nathan Hovekamp. On Saturday, Hovekamp's campaign spent time going door to door.

Things started off with a general election canvassing kickoff at the Deschutes Democrats headquarters Saturday morning.

A dozen volunteers gathered and then dispersed to neighborhoods.

Hovekamp is a former COCC instructor and is running on three main issues: to strengthen the economy, fix education and preserve the quality of life in Oregon.

"I've lived and worked here in Bend for 15 years," Hovekamp said. "I've raised my family here, this is my home. I care very much about Bend and the state of Oregon, and that's why I want to represent you in the Legislature."

Hovekamp said he's incredibly encouraged to see the help and support from the community members.

He's also happy with several organizations who have endorsed his campaign, including the Oregon League of Conservation voters, SEIU, AFL-CIO and the Oregon School Employees Association.

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