Heat is on for C.O. air conditioning repair techs

Home AC units put to the test - and some fail

Hot weather keeping AC business busy

BEND, Ore. - The hot weather in Central Oregon has many scattering to stay cool. This weather is also keeping air conditioning businesses busy as well, and with the hot weather coming early this year, a lot of homes are unprepared.

Home air conditioners are being put to the test and some are failing, leaving repair crews swamped. 

"We're very busy right now," said Brandon Joyce, an air conditioning tech with Central Oregon Heating and Cooling, said Monday.

Summer doesn't officially start for another two weeks, but the heat is already here. 

"This is the first big heat wave of the season. With that, everybody is turning on their air conditioners at once. That is when they find out they're not working," Joyce said. 

This past weekend, Central Oregon Heating and Cooling responded to more than 100 service calls. 

Crews worked late into the night to make repairs. 

"The larger percentage of failures come from a lack of maintenance, just not having it inspected once or twice a year," Joyce said. 

He said changing your air filter is probably the most important thing you can do to help keep your AC unit running properly. 

Joyce said you also should get your unit inspected twice a year, once during the summer and again in winter. 

If you need your air conditioning unit serviced, you can give Central Oregon Heating and Cooling a call at (541) 923-1855.

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