Frigid temps grip the High Desert

Many braving the chill, working outside

Frigid temps grip the High Desert

BEND, Ore - With lows expected to be in the single digits over the next several days, many people are looking for ways to stay warm.

Each winter, the High Desert is hit with below-freezing temperatures, many people have learned to deal with -- and keep working -- outside.

At the Stop n' Go gas station on Highway 20 in Bend, they're working to stay warm and fill your tank at the same time.

"Almost every window is freezing over," said gas attendant Garrick Swopes.

The cold, no doubt has some of its challenges, taking its toll on one of the diesel nozzles.

"Gelling up a little bit, I've got to make sure she's moving as quick as possible for you, man," said Swopes. "Lots and lots of layers, hand warmers are a must. If you can keep moving as fast and as much as possible."

Bend Fire Department Deputy Chief Larry Madina says every year, they are called to help someone who has been exposed to the cold for too long.

"You'll have an altered level of consciousness, might be feeling disoriented, a little slow in speech," Madina said.

He says to spend a little bit more time inside warming up -- and avoid caffeine and drinks with alcohol in them.

"It's going to remove the heat from your core area, which is what you don't want to happen," said Madina.

For those who need to seek a warming shelter, the Bend Fire Department says Bethlehem Inn and the Shepherd's House are now designated as emergency shelters.

Other shelters will be opened as they are needed, depending on demand.

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