Eight Bend kids give mom a memorable gift

A brand-new home on Mother's Day

Bend family gives mom new home

BEND, Ore. - Eight siblings who grew up on the west side of Bend returned to the High Desert Sunday to give their soon-to-be 80-year-old mother a Mother's Day gift she will never forget.

"I've got the most wonderful family in the whole wide world, and I can't even express what it means to me," Brick Logan said. "I'm so grateful."

The Logan family has lived in the same house for 59 years. Over the years, many of the members have moved over to the Valley, leaving behind their mother and brother to live in the house.

"One of my mother's wishes growing up -- we'd have to carry her out of her house," Bob Logan said. "She loved her house, loved where she lived and was not going to leave."

One of the siblings suffers from Down syndrome, and as he grew older had trouble moving around in the smaller home.

That's when the seven other siblings took action and moved the house off the lot.  Then they built a brand-new home in October.

"The idea of what we grew up in, and the fact that we have this opportunity to do this for our mother is really a transformation of a family," Elayne Logan Currie said.

Bob Logan said they wanted their mother to live out the rest of her life in that same neighborhood.

"Knowing that she's in a good environment, a really safe comfortable house for her and our brother Dan -- I sleep better at night knowing that," Bob Logan said.

Her children's gift left Brick Logan speechless.

"I just can't find words to tell them how much I appreciate all that they are to me," she said Sunday.

It's an appreciation that definitely is mutual.

"Mom, you're the best, and you deserve everything," Elayne Logan Currie said. "You deserve everything you're getting, so just accept it with grace."

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