Deschutes rolls out the barrels for special brew

'Mirror Mirror' is 'barley wine' that takes time

BEND, Ore. - Usually you'll find wine in in stacks of aging wine barrels, but not so much in "Beer Town U.S.A."

Wednesday afternoon, Gary Fish, owner and self-declared "first employee" of Deschutes Brewery, unveiled a new brew.

"Mirror Mirror" is a double batch-brewed version of one the country's most heralded craft brewed beers, "Mirror Pond Pale Ale."

This new beer is a 2014 Reserve, 50 percent aged in wine barrels for 10 months at the Mountain Barrel aging facility on Bend's southeast side.

It's an intensive undertaking -- double batch brewing, transporting, aging, then transporting back again to the company's main brewery a few miles away -- but according to brewers, well worth the effort.

This barley wine is bottled at 11.2% ABV (alcohol by volume), and will be made available in Deschutes Brewery's expanding territories, but on a very limited basis.

The last batch of "Mirror Mirror" was bottled back in 2009. 

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