CrossFit hot workout trend, including in Bend

High-energy workout for all fitness levels, ages

CrossFit gains converts in Bend

With every new year comes new trends. whether it be in fashion, music or workout styles. For 2012, the workout style of CrossFit took gyms by storm, and it's high-jumped its way right into 2013 as one of the most popular workout choices.

Weights, high energy and team support are just some of the many aspects of CrossFit.

"At a high intensity, we try to take people beyond their comfort zone, vs. the global gym, where everyone's just kind of working out on their own in a comfort state," said Carrie Coe, a CrossFit instructor for four years.

The hour long class at Xcel Fitness in Bend is broken down into four parts: warm-up, challenge, play and workout of the day.

"We do a lot of fun skills. We learn specific movements for forms and accuracy." said Coe. "Then, the last part of the class is the actual workout."

Coe says the workout portion of the class can last as little as five minutes or up to 20. She says her goal of this section is to get her students to give it everything they've got.

"I like the actual someone in here pushing you," said CrossFit competitor Ashley Coey.

The fast-paced class is also the perfect way to get a complete workout for any lifestyle.

"I'm a professional and a mom of two," said CrossFit student Jennifer Boone. "I've worked out my whole life ,doing a variety of things -- and never, ever have I, well first of all had this much fun, and never gotten the results like I get in here."

CrossFit is also perfect for people of any age.

"Anyone can do it. There's a guy here who's 70, and he does it," said Virgil Askren, a CrossFit student of eight months. "You just do it to the best of your ability. All the coaches are really good about scaling it down or modifying it, and making sure it's doable for you. "

Coe says the hardest part of the class is walking through the door, but she says once you start and begin to see results and build bonds, you'll never want to quit.

"You have to just come and try it once," said Coe. "It's not only the workout -- it's the people, its having a great time, it's leaving this room feeling great about yourself."

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