COCC student initiative to bring garden on campus

Seek funding by end of March to make it happen

COCC Students want a collaborative garden

BEND, Ore. - It's an idea that has been tossed around over the years, but now it looks like Central Oregon Community College is on the right track to get a collaborative garden.

Funds still need to be met, but the college recently gave the go-ahead with the project.

The sign is up for what is called the COCC Collaborative Garden, to be located next to the school's library.

The learning garden will be an organic edible wheel garden that will reintroduce native plant species.

The COCC Garden Club is tasked with making it all happen, and their goal is to make it a garden for everyone.

"It's so centrally located, people pass by all the time," Lisa Barnett, director of the COCC Garden Club, said Sunday.

"I think because our college is a transitory college and so many people never come into contact with each other, this is one central place where people can really come together, learn about people they might not otherwise know about," she said. "At the same time, work beside them and be engaged in a common task."

Students have planned and designed the whole thing.

The club needs to have $8,000 raised by the end of March for the project to really begin.

They could also use materials such as lumber and soil.

If you would like to know more or help with funds, you can visit their Facebook page:

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