Central Oregon gears up for Super Sunday

Anticipation building as the big game approaches

CO gets ready for Super Sunday

BEND, Ore. - The Super Bowl is a time to watch football, enjoy those funny commercials and eat some greasy, delicious food. It's practically a national holiday, headlined by those Super Bowl parties.

A big screen TV, food and drinks are necessities, but don't forget to show your allegiance with team apparel.

"If you're looking for stuff, get in quick, because we're at that point where after today, no more product loads in and it will sell out," Timm Bartlett, owner of Pro Image Sports, said Friday.

With less than 48 hours until kick off, Super Bowl apparel is flying off the shelves at Pro Image Sports, but the real question Central Oregon is this: Who are you rooting for, Seahawks or Broncos?

"I'm rooting for Denver -- I'm a Peyton Manning fan," said Tim Kelly, assistant manager at CE Lovejoy's.

"Well, I'm from Seattle, so I'm rooting for the Seahawks," said Lori Brizee, a registered dietitian.  

Party snacks add more to the experience, but is it possible to eat healthy on Super Sunday?

"There are a variety of great things you can have on your Super Bowl buffet," Brizee said.

Some of those healthy items include a veggie and fruit platter, along with homemade popcorn.

At Pro Image Sports, 80 percent of the Super Bowl merchandise sold has been Seahawks gear. Jerseys of the game's star players have been the most popular.

"It's Peyton Manning for the Broncos," Bartlett said. "For the Seahawks, it's Russell Wilson and Sherman."

On Super Sunday, everyone has a favorite snack.

"Pizza has got to be there somewhere," Barlett said.

If you're at a party with all those goodies and want to try and be healthy, remember this helpful tip.

"Try to sit at least an arm's length away from the table where there's food," Brizee said. "If you have to get up and walk to get the food, you'll think about it a little bit more."

If you're going to eat heavy on the big day, make sure to eat healthy leading up to and after Sunday.

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