Central Oregon campaigns hit the stretch run

Final sprint before votes counted Tuesday

BEND, Ore. - Only four days away from the election, and on Saturday, both Republican and Democratic party candidates and volunteers were busy Saturday. They know that this is a critical time to reach voters before Tuesday's 8 p.m. deadline.

NewsChannel 21 caught up with both parties to see how they were reaching out for the final voters.

"I want to thank you in advance all of you for taking time out of your Saturday for the final push before our victory party on Nov. 6th," sate Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend, told a crowd gathered at the Deschutes County GOP headquarters Saturday morning.

"We cannot even relent for a moment now, and the reason is because every single vote counts," he said.

Conger, who is seeking re-election, pumped up the crowd before many of them went door to door for their candidates.

"I feel great -- did you see the crowd in here?" asked Conger. "If that didn't energize you, then nothing would."

Bend City Council candidate Victor Chudowsky was working the phones by himself.

"This weekend and the previous couple of weeks have been the legwork part," Chudowsky said.

GOP secretary of state candidate Knute Buehler also joined in campaign events.

"The Republican Party people are energized by this election," Buehler said. "I think we are going to see some big victories in Oregon."

Buehler says he has been seeing some polls swing in his favor.

"It's been a great last week," Buehler said. "We are showing incredible momentum, the polls are going in our direction."

Buehler faces current Secretary of State Kate Brown, who recently won a statewide environmental group's endorsement..

"The Oregon League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Kate Brown because she, from Day 1 in the Legislature, has been a leader for the environment and quality of life here in Oregon," said OLCV Central Oregon Regional Director Vikki Roemmer.

The Deschutes Democrats also were busy Saturday.

"There are a lot of people who don't necessarily vote, except in presidential years," said Robert Phillips, legislative candidate Nathan Hovekamp's campaign manager.

"This is the year they come out and vote, so talking to those voters about the campaigns going on is absolutely critical. Nathan has been working very hard -- we have knocked on 15,000 doors across Bend."

Volunteers there were pretty optimistic about Democrats'\s chances of winning here locally.

"I think they stand a good chance," said Deschutes Democrats Volunteer Richard Scott. "The figures we will see pretty soon, from what I hear I think things are going well."

For both campaigns this weekend is the final sprint.

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