C.O. Trail Alliance begins trail etiquette effort

Theme: 'Trail Love, Share It!'

BEND, Ore. - The Central Oregon Trail Alliance on Monday announced "Trail Love: Share It!", a trail etiquette campaign designed to encourage proper trail use by both local and visiting mountain bikers and other trail users.

The "Trail Love, Share It!" campaign officially kicks off Wednesday at the Bend Bicycle Film Festival,, held at the Tower Theatre, with videos highlighting each of the three key points of the campaign.

Posters will be displayed around town along with signs at trailheads, signposts and various locations throughout our vast trail network that remind users how to ride responsibly.

With three main points, The Trail Love, Share It! Campaign provides a concise, simple message intended to hit on the most important suggestions for sharing the trails and preventing trail damage:

Welcome to Central Oregon! Here's how we roll:

Look, Listen, Smile

As trail users, we rely on one another. Have fun, and keep your eyes and ears open. Smile and say hello! You are in one of the best mountain bike areas in the nation.

Descending Riders Stop For Others

We all love the downhill, but skidding out of control is not cool. Expect some uphill riders and be ready to move to one side of the trail, stopping until your line is clear.

Tread On Trail

Thanks for yielding to other riders - but remember that riding off into the bushes widens and damages trails. Instead, put a foot down and feel good knowing that tread on the trail keeps singletrack narrow and fun.


The Central Oregon Trail Alliance is dedicated to the stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use trails and to preserving access for mountain bikers through advocacy, education and promoting responsible trail use.

COTA is a nonprofit volunteer organization that works in conjunction with the USFS, BLM and other land managers to build and maintain trails throughout Central Oregon. COTA is an IMBA-affiliated club.

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