C.O.'s tourism upswing brings more hotel rooms

Several new hotels open in Bend, with more on the way

More hotels as C.O. tourism grows

BEND, Ore. - Since last summer, five hotels have been either built or announced in Bend. A new hotel has just been approved in southwest Bend. A permit for building has also been issued for a Marriott hotel on Industrial Way, where the large Crane Shed used to be located.

A My Place hotel also seemed to pop up overnight on Bond St. in the Old Mill District. But this growth has not just happened in Bend.

"We've seen not only the flurry of hotel sighting in Bend but also product development in the outlying areas, particularly at the destination resorts," Central Oregon Visitors Association CEO Alana Hughson said Friday.

Hughson also told NewsChannel 21 Tetherow is adding additional units at their property. Black Butte Ranch has gone through a big remodel, and Pronghorn also has more lodging on the horizon.

"We really see this whole vibrant activity in the hotel and resort hotel pool," Hughson said. "And we plan that as we move through 2016 and into 2017, we're going to continue to see that type of growth."

During the peak tourism season, Central Oregon at times doesn't have enough hotel space for the number of people in town. The visitors association says the goal is to lure more off-season visitors. so there are higher occupancy numbers year round.

"We know that we can fill capacity in the peak season," Hughson said. "And I believe that hotels look at that opportunity and say, This is a great place for development, because we have a very strong peak season and will be a part of the effort to grow that shoulder season demand.'"

In terms of the off-season, in more of the winter months, Hughson said the new hotels will bring in more winter thrill-seekers. and are working with more marketing organizations to bring added year-round tourism.

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