C.O. last-minute shoppers prepare for Christmas

Old Mill busy with holiday shoppers

Last minute shopping

BEND, Ore. -  Just as you'd expect, it was hard to find a parking spot at the Old Mill on Monday morning, as hundreds of shoppers rushed to finish their Christmas shopping.

Despite the pressure of the final hours to get gifts, many shoppers told NewsChannel 21 they weren't feeling stressed about the day. Some even said it is an annual tradition.

"I'm not stressed at all -- I know exactly what I need to pick up and who has it, so I'm in good shape, I think," said a man out shopping with his family.

Another girl said she was feeling a little pressure; she said she hadn't even begun her holiday shopping.

And she wasn't alone. Quite a few shoppers said they were just beginning to buy gifts.

"It's been kind of a hectic year," another man said.  "And I work a lot for the retailers too, so this is my first time to get out."

Some said they think the best deals are on Christmas Eve, and many of the shoppers  we spoke to said they would not be surprised if they were up late wrapping gifts.

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