Bend women create 'small bags of kindness'

Offerings include food and treats for pets

Helping homeless with 'Bags of Kindness'

BEND, Ore. - Have you ever wanted to stop and help out the homeless when you see them on the streets, but didn't know how? One group of Bend-area women came up with an idea.

The women created what they call "small bags of kindness."

The idea originated from a similar idea off a post from Pinterst.

The group of friends met up Sunday morning to make the emergency kits for the homeless.

The kits include personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, hand wipes and Chapsticks, as well as food and dog treats -- just enough items that didn't make the bags too heavy for them to carry.

When we asked one volunteer, Elise Michaels, how it makes her feel doing this, her response: "I mean, awesome. That's why we all signed up -- we wanted to do something really nice."

The women made 50 bags in total on Sunday. They will keep them in their cars and pass them out when they see someone in need.

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