Bend WinterFest, ice sculptors draw crowds

On 'warm' day, organizers try to make it feel like winter

Winterfest has something for everyone

BEND, Ore. - Although it hasn't been feeling too much like winter lately, the annual Bend WinterFest is under way this weekend.

The 14th annual event offers the best of winter, all on display. There's snowboard and skiing competition shows, artists creating beautiful work, live music and food carts full of different kinds of snacks.

There's also lots of activities for the kids, with an OMSI play area and little warriors race.

Organizers said even though it's been a bit warmer than usual, they're bringing the fun of winter to the High Desert.

"It's a little windy right now, and we trucked down as much snow as we could, so that helps a lot," event organizer Lee Perry said Saturday. "We try to make it as wintery as possible, even on a 55-degree day."

All the fun continues through the night with three showings of the Day Glow Big Air Snowboard show. On Sunday ,visitors can see the Metal Mulisha shows that kick off at 11:30 a.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Find the event schedule and much more info here:

A big draw for crowds at WinterFest was sculptors turning ice into beauty all with chain saws.

Several artists showed off their skills, turning big blocks of ice into angels or swans. Some of the kids who came by were plugging their ears because the chain saws were so loud.

"This is my very first time in ice, and I'm doing the traditional swan, because that's where all beginners start," sculptor Bert Adams said. "I have a lot of work to do on the swan, and the idea is to get a nice-looking swan, so all the people say, 'Wow, oh, ah!'"

Adams says it's intimidating, yet inspiring to have all the experienced ice carvers working next to him. People can check out the artists when they're at it again Sunday afternoon.

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