Bend teacher reaches sister after Boston blasts

She finished race moments before explosions

Bend teacher talks to sister after Boston blast

BEND, Ore. - The shock waves of Monday's bombing in Boston are being felt across the country here on the High Desert. Central Oregon had 16 runners in the race -- 13 from Bend, two from Redmond and one from Madras.

In the age of Facebook, information travels fast. On Monday, it proved a useful tool for a Bend High math teacher whose sister finished the Boston Marathon just moments before the deadly blasts.

"Believe it or not, the second place that I looked to was Facebook," Elayne Logan Currie said. "Right there, first post was my sister's."

Logan Currie's sister finished the race Monday and was gathering her things, and ready to head back to the hotel when the first bomb went off.

"She described it as a cannon blast, and followed very shortly by a second one and she knew this could not be good," Logan Currie said.

The math teacher says someone or something was looking out for her sister.

"She had mentioned that she had a hamstring cramp from about mile 18 to mile 22," Logan Currie said. "It had worked itself out so she was able to pick the pace back up again."

If it weren't for the leg cramp going away, Rose would have likely crossed paths as the first explosions went off.

"When you are in something that is so close to that, the 'what ifs' come strongly into mind,' Logan Currie said. "She's really sick and heartbroken, like we all are."

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