Bend police community liaison retiring

BEND, Ore. - The City of Bend Police Department is sad to announce the retirement of our long-standing Community Liaison, Steve Esselstyn.  Steve will be retiring on May 15, 2013, after almost 12 years of dedicated service.

Steve Esselstyn began his public safety communications career over 35 years ago, working with Pacific Telephone and Telegraph on data communications and satellite services, as well as emergency and backup voice, radio and data lines. 

He served with the bravest of the brave in the Military, worked on the acme of American accomplishments, the Gemini and Apollo projects in a communications capacity, and worked on data transmission for the then infant Internet. 

From 1964 to 1990, Steve was the Director of Communications Operations for Stanford University, where he developed public safety communications programs and the emergency operation and communications recovery plan, which was successfully tested in the Loma Prieta, California earthquake. 

Steve was the Operations Manager at Deschutes County 9-1-1 from 1991 to 2001.  

Steve signed on with the Bend Police Department as Events Coordinator and Community Liaison in 2002.  He has continued in this capacity to set a high standard with his strong work ethic, compassion and insight. 

Steve was instrumental in the development of the Bend Police Department Volunteer program and the steady supervision and support of these volunteers as they work at various assignments such as Abandoned Vehicles, Couriers, Disabled Parking and Special Events. 

He has organized and participated in twenty-six Citizen's Academies, which are nine-week public education classes offered to any citizen who wishes to learn more about the Bend Police Department and its mission.  

It is almost impossible to think about our City's special events (Pole Peddle Paddle, the St. Patrick's Day Dash, Fourth of July in Drake Park, parades, etc.) without thinking of Steve Esselstyn.  He tirelessly offers his time and expertise to ensure that these community events are successful, safe, and enjoyable occasions for all Bend citizens. 

Steve also oversees Community Outreach programs, Neighborhood Watch and provides presentations on safety and security to business and residential organizations. 

He has been successful in raising awareness for the City and Community that the Bend Police Department is more than just traffic citations on the Parkway.  We are indebted to his vision and commitment for propelling these programs to their present status. His work has assured our future success.  

As a testament to his commitment, Steve is planning on volunteering at the Police Department after his retirement to ensure a smooth transition for his successor.  He will remain an invaluable asset by offering his assistance with projects, outreach help and other programs.

The City of Bend Police Department would like to thank Steve for his many years of hard work, dedication, and outstanding service to both the department and our community.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a truly amazing person whose achievements will not easily be forgotten.

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