Bend PD conduct pedestrian safety 'sting'

Eight tickets, 12 warnings -- and a crash

Bend PD pedestrian 'sting'

BEND, Ore. - Bend police issued eight tickets and gave 12 warnings during a two-hour pedestrian safety operation Tuesday -- and also witnessed a rear-end crash involving a vehicle stopped at the crosswalk.

The "sting" took place between 9 and 11 a.m. a the corner of NW Riverside Boulevard and Kansas Avenue. 

Lt. Nick Parker said the purpose of the operation was to educate motorist and pedestrians on the Oregon Revised Statute in regards to yielding to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

The operation was conducted with six police workers in plainclothes and led to the following:

  • 811.028 (Fail to yield to pedestrians)                                                      10 warnings

1 citation

  • 811.507 (Unlawful use of a mobile device/cellphone)                        4 citations

1 warning

  • 811.265 (Fail to obey a traffic control device)                                       1 citation
  • 811.111 (Exceed max speed)                                                                  1 warning
  • 811.210 (Fail to properly use seatbelt)                                                   1 citation
  • 807.010 (Operating a vehicle without driving privileges)                    1 citation

At the conclusion of the operation, there was a crash at the intersection involving two southbound vehicles on NW Riverside. 

Parker said it was determined the crash occurred due to one of the drivers looking away from the roadway. That caused the driver to hit the rear of a stopped vehicle at the crosswalk.

Oregon Vehicle Code 811.028 requires motorists give a pedestrian the right of way when the pedestrian has entered the roadway and the pedestrian is:

  • Within a crosswalk;
  • In the lane in which the driver's vehicle is traveling;
  • In a lane adjacent to the lane in which the driver's vehicle is traveling.

It is the responsibility of a pedestrian to make sure the roadway is safe to cross prior to entering the roadway.

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