Bend church changes name - after 108 years

BEND, Ore. - After 108 years, First Baptist Church in downtown Bend is no more … at least, by name.

On October 21, the church officially renamed itself Foundry Church. The name was changed after years of consideration.

Steve Toomey, one of eight elders at Foundry Church, said, "To change a name that has existed for 108 years is a serious undertaking and was not considered on a whim. We sought the Lord in prayer and held multiple forums to consider the congregation's input.

"In the end, we changed the name to better reflect who we are as a church family and ultimately in the belief that in a small, but significant way, it would break down denominational walls of misunderstanding in the community."

Foundry Church will remain with its existing statement of faith and association with NWCBA (Northwest Conservative Baptist Association).

A foundry is a place where metal is melted into liquid and poured into a mold for the purpose of creating something of the designer's intention. Once the material has cooled, it is removed still rough and incomplete. However, once complete, the artwork or useful object is ready to serve the purpose of its creator.

This is how we see our church community – a place where we are being refined by the Lord. As we share life together, we help refine each other to the point where we can be molded into the use our Creator intended.

That purpose, collectively, is to serve and love one another, and go into the world demonstrating God's love, serving and creating passionate Christ followers.

Foundry Church meets at 60 NW Oregon Avenue in downtown Bend. More can be learned online at
For more information:
Bryon Mengle, (541) 382-3862
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