Bend woman helps drivers navigate roundabouts

New Website is all about roundabouts

BEND, Ore. - Do you know the correct rules on navigating a roundabout? If not, then you're in luck!

A Bend woman is launching her own website, . The site is designed to help drivers, pedestrians and cyclists know the rules of the road and to safely maneuver a roundabout. 

The website was started by Kenna Sneed, who said she launched the effort because it can be frustrating for many new people to the area.

The most-complained about roundabout, she said, is the one located on the corner of 15th and Reed Market Street. Sneed was born in Bend and was here when the first traffic circle was built in Bend about 20 years ago. Now, the city has about 30 roundabouts. 

"I love the roundabouts. I welcome them," Sneed said Thursday. "There's not a single light on Bend, because we use the roundabouts and it keeps the flow of traffic."

The website also recognizes each of the roundabouts' unique artwork in the middle, as well as telling new residents about the area around each roundabout.

This website launched early Thursday. Roundaboutstour is supported by local nonprofits and government agencies.

When you are on the road, be sure to yield going into a roundabout -- and signal going out. 

You can hear more from the website creator tonight on NewsChannel 21 Fox at 4 and on NBC at 5, 6, and 7. 

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