Bend man discovers lost family photos in novel way

But timing of chance discovery bittersweet

BEND, Ore. - A Bend man has stumbled upon photos of his family that were taken 37 years ago, thanks to a news story and a chance connection. The timing, however, was bittersweet.

Kati Dimoff, who finds and develops old film, found the camera in a Portland Goodwill store.

After seeing some of the photos were of the Mount St. Helens eruptions, he decided to find out who they belonged to.

A friend of Mel Purvis sent him a link to a story in a Portland newspaper, and he began to realize that the photos looked very familiar.

Then he saw a photo of himself with his wife, grandmother and son.

Purvis said Friday he had no idea that the photos even existed, but what was even more strange for him was the fact that these photos made their way into his life just a few days after his mother -- who took the photos -- had passed away.

For Purvis, the experience has been fantastic, and he is very appreciative of the fact that he was able to look back at the great memories.

Jacob Larsen will have more on this story coming up tonight at 5 and 6 on NewsChannel 21.

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