BEND, Ore. -

A Bend man was arrested Tuesday after police say he shot a dog with an air-powered nail gun at a construction site. Police said Wednesday the dog suffered a puncture wound but was not seriously injured.

Police said the incident happened Monday while a framer was building a house near NE Seventh Street and Vail Lane.

Officers said the 7-year-old pug's owner, Charles Haggerty of Bend, reported the incident involving a three-inch framing nail.

Lt. Chris Carney said an investigation found the dog had wandered onto a construction site and was shot with a framing nail from an air-powered nail gun.

The dog had a puncture wound but was not seriously injured, Carney said. It was taken to a vet for treatment Tuesday..

Kevin Willard was interviewed, then arrested and charged with second-degree animal cruelty. He was booked into the Deschutes County Jail and released after posting 10 percent of $10,000 bail.

Kristen Boatman told NewsChannel 21 Tuesday she was having dinner at a friend's house when "I noticed something on his dog's bottom."

"I thought he sat in something or had a sparkler on him," she wrote, calling Tatsu "an adorable little pug."

"I bent down to look, and it looked like the head of a nail," Boatman said. "I touched it and Tatsu cried, and I told my friend to come over -- it looks like the head of a nail. Sure enough, Tatsu had been shot in the rear with a nail gun."