Bend Golf and Country Club puts 12 acres up for sale

Some neighbors are anxious about the future

Bend Golf and Country Club Sells Land

BEND, Ore - The cost of housing in Bend has skyrocketed in the past few years, and the Bend Golf and Country Club wants to capitalize on it.

The golf club is unique in that all of its land is zoned for residential homes, and now 12 acres of land owned by the club are up for sale

The land has not yet been developed by the club and sits on the course perimeter in southeast Bend.

According to General Manager Jeff Keller, the decision to sell was spurred by the hot market we're in the midst of.

"Why not really take advantage of the property values now, as opposed to when we really need it and we're in dire straights," Keller said.

As a membership-owned club, everyone has a say in the decision, and according to the general manager, the members voted by a 5-to-1 ratio to sell the land.

This means it will also be up to the members to decide what to do with the proceeds from the sale, which is expected to fetch at least $3 million. 

According to Keller, "It will be a great thing for the club, because what we're going to be able to do with the money is going to be a great thing. It's going to put us into a different league. 

About 9 acres of the land up for sale sits in between the golf course and a neighborhood off Fairway Drive.

Despite several golf club members living in the neighborhood, not everyone is pleased with this sale, including Marcia Yallier.

"We bought our property not knowing that something could be developed behind me," she said. "So it's not fun. It's not nice having to deal with this, so we hope we can work to mitigate." the impacts.

Despite the concerns, Yallier said they do recognize the need for more housing in Bend

"I understand there needs to be development. We need housing and we need infill," she said. "If and when it does happen, we'd like to participate."

Golf course officials said they hope to have everything settled in about 90 days.

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