Bend FD reminder: Fall back, check smoke alarms

By KTVZ.COM news sources
POSTED: 4:58 PM PDT October 31, 2013 
BEND, Ore. -

The Bend Fire Department is urging residents to test their smoke alarms before routinely changing the batteries. Sunday, November 3rd marks the fall tradition of changing clocks an hour back and it serves as a good reminder for Central Oregonians to test their smoke alarms.

 "Smoke alarm technology has advanced and many now come with features such as long-life batteries," said Deputy Fire Marshal Susie Maniscalco. "We encourage residents to test their alarms before changing the battery." Smoke alarms provide a critical early warning to a fire, allowing you precious minutes to escape.”

 Ionization-only smoke alarms that are solely battery powered come equipped with a hush feature and a 10-year battery. Because of this technology, the national slogan "Change your clock, Change your battery" may not apply to Oregon residents who have these ionization smoke alarms.

 "Ensuring you have working smoke alarms in your home is the single most important step you can take to increase your family's safety from a home fire," adds Maniscalco.

Safety tips:

The Bend Fire Department offers FREE home safety visits, smoke alarms and batteries at no cost. Contact 541 322-6309 or visit our website at for more information and other free services.