Bend FD: Please help keep hydrants clear of snow

Paths, emergency exits also key

BEND, ore. - Ahead of a major snowstorm, Bend Fire and Rescue issued a reminder Tuesday for everyone to keep fire hydrants visible and accessible during the winter months.

Here's their public service announcement:

With significant snowfall on its way, we will need your help. This is particularly true where streets and parking lots are plowed. Snow plows cannot always direct the snow away from hydrants.

You can help by keeping snow cleared away for at least three feet around fire hydrants when you notice they are obstructed.

Also, keep a path clear from the hydrant to the road. By doing this, firefighters can quickly find and use the fire hydrant to fight a fire. If this is not done, precious time will be lost, which may jeopardize lives and property.

We also remind our community to keep the path to and from buildings, including homes and businesses, clear of excess snow. By doing so, you improve firefighter access to the building in the event of a fire or medical emergency.

Also, keep all emergency exit routes clear, and ensure that emergency exit doors are not blocked by snow.

Bend Fire and Rescue is grateful to our community for all that you do to help us!

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