Bend Chamber warns of impersonator seeking donations

Says rude woman is not a staff member

BEND, Ore. - The Bend Chamber of Commerce warned members Friday of someone falsely claiming to be a representative of the organization and seeking donations, supposedly for the group, in harassing fashion.

Here's the full membership alert sent out late Friday afternoon:

"Members need to be aware that we have had reports of a woman presenting herself as a staff member of the Bend Chamber and soliciting donations for a silent auction. The most recent incident that we are aware of was on Thursday, 9/21, at the east side Jimmy John's sandwich shop.

"The woman was described as approximately 5 ft. 5 in. tall, with dark sandy blonde hair. She is in her late 50’s to early 60’s, wearing an over-abundance of makeup, and carrying a clipboard. She asks for donations and if is not handed enough, rudely demands more. She reportedly drives a black Scion or “boxy” type vehicle with a roof rack, loaded down with gear. To be clear, she is not a staff member of the Bend Chamber of Commerce.
"We apologize to the Jimmy John's organization and any other Chamber members that may have experienced a similar situation. The Bend Chamber prides itself on conforming to the highest levels of professionalism possible.

"In terms of process, the Bend Chamber does not engage in solicitations for donations on a location by location basis or via a “drop-in” visit. The normal process is to engage the proper contacts at a corporate or headquarters level, with a scheduled meeting to discuss the topic.
"If you have an experience with this woman or any other individual that you feel might be suspect in their association with the Bend Chamber, please DO NOT provide any donations. Contact us as soon as possible at 541-382-3221 so that we can be aware of the incident and take appropriate action."

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