Trump campaign signs selling strong in Central Oregon

Several Trump signs vandalized on Highway 20

Campaign signs vandalized on Highway 20

BEND, Ore. - The presidential election is just over a month away, but someone's expressing his or her voice by vandalizing several Donald Trump-Mike Pence signs in Deschutes County.

The signs were posted along Highway 20 between Bend and Sisters. Some were tagged with graffiti, others untouched.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office said it had not received any reports of campaign signs being vandalized in the area.

The sheriff's office said damaging political signs is a crime, if the sign is on private property, which includes the fences next to the highway. It is both trespassing and vandalism.

Just Sunday, a volunteer said he was having to replace nine or 10 vandalized signs.

Some of the graffiti was scribbles over Trump and running mate Pence's names. Other graffiti included the word '"liar," and the message "we want real candidates."

A volunteer with the Deschutes County Republican Party cleaned up the mess.

Keith Rockow said he was not surprised by the acts of vandalism -- and that he won't be surprised if it happens again.

"It's a tough thing to say -- I served 15 years in the military to defend the Constitution, so they could exercise their right -- the First Amendment right" to free speech, Rockow said. "But I'd appreciate it if they would exercise it a different way."

When we spoke with Rockow, he said he expected to replace about nine to 10 signs,Sunday.

Rockow asked vandals to think about the many volunteers, and those who donated money to be able to put signs on their property.  

Deschutes County Republican Party officials said Monday they've been busy selling a large amount of Trump merchandise and campaign signs.

'They're flying out like hot cakes," Trump Eastern Oregon Political Director Patti Adair said.

Adair said she believes after this recent episode of vandalism, it will only encourage others to vote for Trump in November.

Central Oregonians expressing their voice when it comes to the presidential race.

The sheriff's office said if any one sees a person vandalizing a campaign sign to give them a call.

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