About 100 Ridgeview HS students walk out over DeVos pick

Some have opposing views; hear both sides tonight

REDMOND, Ore. - About 100 students at Redmond's Ridgeview High School walked out of class Wednesday morning in a peaceful protest over the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the nation's new secretary of education.

The walkout began around 10:15 a.m., and most students said they would be returning to class after their lunch period.

NewsChannel 21's A.J. Kato said there also was a smaller group of informal counter-protesters who were taking issue with the walkout participants, driving by with loud trucks or holding signs such as "Not My Protest."

Kato talked with both sides about the issue and will have a report coming up on NewsChannel 21 Fox at Four and at 5, 6 and 7 on KTVZ.

Word of the planed walkout spread widely in the hallways and on social media Tuesday, to the point where an email was sent to parents by the school district.

"Redmond School District recognizes the right of students to demonstrate regarding their beliefs and concerns," the message said. "However, students do not have the right to disrupt the education of others. It is therefore our expectation that all students, regardless of their beliefs, conduct themselves in a safe, responsible and respectful manner.

"Families, please take this opportunity to have a conversation with your student about what it will mean for them to behave in a safe, responsible and respectful manner at school tomorrow.

"Also, staff will not be participating in or overseeing walkouts since these are not school-sponsored activities. Students leaving the school building will not be supervised and will be responsible for their own safety," the district concluded.

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