Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., voiced support of the "No Budget, No Pay" proposal and offered his critical review of President Obama's inaugural address during an appearance Monday night on Fox News’ “Hannity” program.

Walden on the Senate’s failure to pass a budget in nearly four years

“It’s about time the Senate did the legal responsibility of passing the budget. We passed one each the last two years we’ve been in the majority.

The Ryan plan laid out how to deal with America’s biggest problems, our debt and deficit and ongoing spending. If we don't reform, we'll end up bankrupting this country, and it's unfair to the generation not to stop this. It's time for the Senate to step up.

"When I’ve done my town meetings, Sean, people say, 'Well, you who did they get away with that, what's the penalty? If it were me in my job, I’d get fired! Do they get their pay docked?' I think the notion of No Budget, No Pay makes a lot of sense.”

Walden on President Obama’s Inaugural Address and creating a healthy American economy

“Where was the discussion about how we create a healthy economy in this country, so people don't have to work two jobs or three part-time jobs, and moms don't have control of their schedule and their life?

"And then you have all that climate change discussion, and what's the price of the gas and electricity going forward?

"We have  to have a focus on creating a good strong American economy, where people can get a job, and it pays the bills, and they don't have to work two or three or scramble around. And we can get there.

"And that's what we need to focus on — coming together to grow our economy and grow jobs. Then you won't have quite the bloated government we have, because you get at the demand side of government.”